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Precautions for application of defoamer for coating


Defoaming agent for coating is a compound defoaming agent refined by special process from ether, fat, alcohol and other substances. Defoaming agents for paints are dispersed in water-based systems, with strong self-emulsification, good defoaming and lasting foam suppression, especially for water-soluble polymers and medium-low viscosity systems. It is also effective for eliminating large bubbles and fine foam in lotion, with durable foam inhibition and good solubility and dispersion.

Defoamers for coatings have special effects on foam produced by acrylate/polyurethane and polyurethane, and are characterized by low dosage, long foam suppression time, good water dispersion, etc. for micro foam. The defoamer used in this emulsion paint is added in the high-speed dispersion and grinding stages to inhibit the generation of bubbles and eliminate foam.

Notes on application of defoamer for coating are explained as follows:

1. The operation shall be carried out in strict accordance with industrial hygiene and safety practices.

2. Do not pour waste into the sewer.

3. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product.

4. After using this product, wash hands with mild soap and water.