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In which field are defoamers mainly used?


Defoamers, also known as antifoams, will produce many harmful foam in the process of industrial production, so defoamers need to be added. But there are many types of defoamers, including organosiloxanes, polyethers, silicon and ether grafts, amines, imines, and amides, which have the characteristics of faster defoaming speed, longer foam suppression time, wider range of suitable media, and even harsh media environments such as high temperatures, strong acids, and strong alkalis.

In the field of industrial production. The appearance of defoamer has reduced a lot of burden on the production process, because the harmful foam produced in production, its remarkable characteristics directly determine the real advantages and advantages of defoamer, which occupies the whole market in a wide range of applications. It not only has good defoamer function and foam suppression function, but also is very stable in chemical experiments and properties, The directness ensures that the product will not undergo chemical reactions during the defoaming process and will not cause harm to the human body. It also plays a very effective role in various industrial products, so it is highly favored and enthusiastic by many consumers.

Secondly, the food processing industry. Defoamers have the advantages of not affecting the taste of products, rapid defoaming, long-lasting foam suppression, and a defoaming efficiency of up to 96% -98%. Therefore, they are widely used in food industries such as soybean products, dairy industry, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, beverages, sugar industry, soybean protein extraction, soy sauce vinegar brewing, cigarette holder adhesives, etc.

Thirdly, defoamers are also indispensable in sewage treatment. During water treatment, some wastewater will produce a large amount of foam in the aerobic tank, especially in winter, when it is serious, it will overflow the tank body. Defoamer has fast defoaming speed and lasting foam suppression. Defoamer is often used to eliminate the influence of foam.

Polymer type hyperdispersant. Polymer dispersants are commonly used and have good stability. Polymer dispersants are also divided into polycaprolactone polyol polyethyleneimine block copolymer dispersants, acrylic polymer dispersants, polyurethane or polyester polymer dispersants, etc. Due to their anchoring groups being entangled and adsorbed with resin at one end and pigment particles at the other end, their storage stability is relatively good.