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Choosing a thickener that is easy to use is very difficult


1. Thickener with good stability should be selected. At that time, some thickeners had good thickening effects. However, it will liquefy after a period of time. Therefore, water is water and lotion is lotion, which is often referred to as layering or demulsification, seriously affecting the quality of defoamer.

Choosing a thickener that is convenient to use is very difficult. It needs to be added to water by volume and dissolved for a long time before use. waste time. Some require a high-speed dispersing machine to stir for a long time to achieve a good uniform thickening effect, while some powdered thickeners are not well stirred. Mass phenomenon can occur, seriously affecting product quality. Therefore, it is good to choose thickeners that are easy to use, fast to dissolve, and thicken.

3. Thickener with stable quality should be selected. Some thickeners have unstable quality, and a batch of thickeners may be good. A batch can be very poor and can seriously affect the quality of the product when used.

4. Low cost thickeners should be selected. Some thickeners are cheap, but their added amount is large and their calculated use cost is high. Some thickeners are more expensive, but their addition is small and their effects are good. Under the cost of use