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Aqueous ink wetting agents

Water-based ink wetting agentHR-8065 Wetting agentModified polysiloxane compoundFeatures: Improve the wettability and permeability of the coating systemEfficient compatibility and miscibilityImprove the fluidity and leveling of the systemAdvantag

Water-based ink wetting agent


HR-8065 Wetting agent

Modified polysiloxane compound

Features: Improve the wettability and permeability of the coating system

        Efficient compatibility and miscibility

Improve the fluidity and leveling of the system

Advantages: strong reduction of static and dynamic surface tension

        Good anti-cratering additive, eliminates oil stains



Overview: Improve the wettability, permeability, fluidity and leveling of the system, good compatibility and miscibility, strongly reduce static and dynamic surface tension, eliminate oil stains, and are anti-cratering additives.


Technical data :

Appearance (visual inspection) Colorless to amber transparent liquid

           Surface tension <25

           Viscosity (CS, 25℃) 20-30

           Cloud point <10℃


                    Note: The numerical data based on the company's internal test is for reference only.


Application field: It is suitable for solvent-based and water-based coating systems, etc. It will be hydrolyzed under acidic and alkaline conditions in the water-based system, and the pH value needs to be adjusted at 6.5-7.5 to achieve the best performance.


How to use: Usually added after the final dilution.


Recommended dosage: The recommended dosage of this product is 0.1-1% (according to the total formula). It is recommended to test before use to determine the best usage and dosage.


Solvent: isopropanol, toluene or water


Packing specification: 25KG/200KG


Storage and transportation: This product is a non-dangerous product, and the container should be strictly sealed after use. The validity period of this product is two years.