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Aqueous substrate wetting agents

HR-8030 Substrate Wetting AgentCharacteristics and advantages:Highly efficient compatibility and miscibilityLow foaming, APEO-free, silicone-freeDoes not affect recoating and interlayer adhesionImprovement of system wettability and fluidity  

HR-8030 Substrate Wetting Agent


Characteristics and advantages:

Highly efficient compatibility and miscibility

Low foaming, APEO-free, silicone-free

Does not affect recoating and interlayer adhesion

Improvement of system wettability and fluidity            

Strongly reduces system surface tension

Eliminate oil contamination, good anti-cratering performance.


Technical Data :

Appearance (visual inspection) colorless to yellowish transparent liquid

Active ingredient 100%



Note: Values based on in-house testing are for reference only.


Field of application : Suitable for waterborne coating systems, etc.


Usage : Add after final dilution.


Recommended dosage :

The recommended dosage is 0.2-2% (based on the total formula). It is recommended to test before use to determine the best use and dosage.


Packing specification : 25KG/200KG/1 ton


Storage and transportation:

This product is non-hazardous, the container should be strictly sealed after use. The product is valid for two years.